Funding for Young Artists

The Susan D. Goodman Collection has announced a grant program for young artists. According to Goodman, the program offers mentorship, cash, and a trip to Berlin for those in transition out of the MFA world and into the art world. Martin Basher, one of the recent recipients of the award seems thrilled, saying things like, "I'm over the moon," in the official announcement of the award... and I would be too if I was funded to meet people, travel, and make art in recognition of accomplishments in grad school... kudos! For more information, please contact: Lizzie Stein Collection Manager Susan D. Goodman Collection estein@goodmancompany.com 212-579-0020 x:204


Young Visual Artists Awards

What better way to enter the global art scene than to win an award that deems you young, fresh, and artistically promising. I am pleased to see these opportunities for all young artists!


Featured Artist: Lee Perillo

Lee is always searching

Lee spies with his little eyes, something unsettling. When Lee sees the infamous image “Fall of Saigon” he responds by challenging it. His seamless removal of the image’s key components forced me to reexamine the space around it. The mundanity of the architecture and empty sky protrude out towards me and I am stuck with what remained after the helicopter took off and the crowd dispersed.
Or, instead of removing, did Lee insert the helicopter and the people in, as if to remind me of the events that occurred in that exact location on earth April 30, 1975? Without the two pivotal aspects, the building is devoid of context and meaning.
His work offers me a wide range of speculatory wiggle room and challenges perceptual norms, attitudes, and assumptions. His non-linear mapping of space and self ingeniously provides the viewer with infinitesimal questions and very few answers.


Featured Artist: Alexis Hudgins

Walk/Dont Walk

Sometimes I don't go home.  The New York noisy streets and bright lights
make me keep moving.  I don't know where I'm going to.  I don't have a
direction.  I like looking through half shut eyes blurring the lights.
Sometimes people walk into me.  You can't stand still for long.  Gotta keep
walking. You can see in other people's faces if they have somewhere to go,
or if they are just looking, just walking to see.

-Allie Carr